Terms and Conditions

Services Provided

  1. It is intended to create and advertise a regulation for the use of the service provided by SendEAT, with the purpose of acquiring – by internet – groceries provided by restaurants with a partnership with the company and available on the site, like it is advertised, and also allowing the customers to perform the payment of the service on-line (if possible).
  2. The user of the site is fully aware that the service provided by the site only deals with intermediary services of the acquisition of food products from adherent restaurants. The website doesn’t take responsibility in the preparation and packaging of the products purchased.
  3. The website only intermediates the purchase, having available information about the adherent restaurants, ensuring, also, the physical delivery of the products acquired in the user site residence.
  4. The preparations, packaging and quality of the products acquired by the user is only and exclusively responsibility of the adherent restaurants. Any reclamation related with defect, confection error and preparation of the products must be addressed to the respective restaurant.


  1. The user must provide all the information required in the registration with total veracity. In case of incorrect or missing information, SendEAT has the right to not conclude the registration in progress.
  2. After the registration on the website, the user will have access to the services by login, committing themselves not to disclose any information regarding their personal data to others, being under their exclusive responsibility any service request that is made through the use of the login of its ownership.

User Obligations

  1. The user is obliged to pay the total value of the products by him ordered, purchased in the restaurant and to him delivered, the payment can be done on-line or in any other way.
  2. The user under age (under 18 yes of age i) is aware that he can’t order or purchase, in any case, any alcoholic drinks, being legally responsible to provide the correct information about his age on the registration.

SendEAT Obligations

  1. SendEAT has the obligation to provide on the website https://www.sendeat.com virtual space that allows the user, who made a proper registration, to order food products that are announced and marketed by the restaurants and also make available to the user the channels that allows the on-line payments of the products value.
  2. It also has as an obligation to deliver the products purchased by the users on the website in the correct address.
  3. Protect, by storage in servers or any other highly security way, all confidential information and data provided by the users, as well the values of the financial transactions made by using the service provided. However, it will not be liable for compensation for any damages that may arise from the seizure and co-optation of data by third parties who, by breaking security systems, can access this information.


All the prices advertised on the website have include in them the current legal fee (IVA); The prices and specifications are allowed to change without previous notice; SendEAT reserves the right to change, at any time, the information and commercial offers announced about products, prices, promotions and commercial terms and services.

Acceptance of the term of use

The user declares that he has read, understood and accepts all the rules, conditions and obligations established in this term.


The photographs shown on the website are only illustrative and do not represent with fidelity the products purchased.

Delivery Times

The delivery times advertised are approximated, being conditioned by traffic, meteorological conditions and other situations outside SendEAT control

Legality of the term

Both parties elect as competent to resolve any disputes that may arise from the interpretation and fulfilment of this term the Court of the District of Porto.
SendEAT uses cookies to provide the best user experience and for statistical purposes.
Cookies are files recorded in your computer. This files can´t be executed and have as only purpose to storage little information that can only be read by SendEAT.
Users can delete this files anytime.
Privacy Policy
At SendEAT we believe in a simple and transparent privacy policy in the treatment of your personal data. The following statement aims to tell you what kind of data is collected, how it is stored and managed, and how you can manage your data.

We have established our privacy policy in three main points:

  • Control: all collected data can be manipulated, edited and deleted.
  • Safety: the collected data is stored on the best security and encryption practices.
  • Compliance with the law in force: we respect the legislation in force and we look after the protection of the same legislation.


If you have questions about the SendEAT account or about the privacy policy statement and / or your personal data, you may contact us using the following data:

A/c Data Protection Officer
Rua do Passeio Alegre, 20
4150-570, Porto
Phone number 223 172 064

Last update: 23-05-2018

Data Processing

The information collected by SendEAT has as general purpose the execution of the contract of which the data holder is a contractor and direct marketing.

Information Collection

We collect various data through electronic forms and automatically that help us to improve continuously.

Information Provided by the User:

  • Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone number
  • Full address and / or GPS location
  • Payment type
  • Billing Name
  • Billing Number
In addition, the user can provide the following data:

  • Delivery service reviews
  • Partner reviews
  • Partner Preferences
  • Other preferences and settings made through the customer area.
The indicated data is entered directly by the user whenever you use the service, by the telephone service of SendEAT, or when the user participates in surveys or promotional actions promoted by SendEAT or identified partners.

Information Collected Automatically

We collect information about you and your use of the service, namely:
  • User activity: done searches and created orders.
  • Information about the device used to access the SendEAT service, namely: type of device (computer, mobile phone or other device), internet browser, IP address and date and time of access.
  • Information obtained through the use of Cookies, for all information about Cookies, see the section dedicated to this topic.

Use of Information

We use the collected information in the following areas:
  • We use your location so that we can deliver the order.
  • We use your mobile number to inform you via sms and / or call about the status of your order and promotional actions. The promotional actions can be deactivated autonomously by the user.
  • We use your e-mail address to communicate the various statuses of your order, promotional actions, as well as other interactions with SendEAT. Promotional actions can be disabled by the user.
  • We use your name and tax number to issue the invoice/receipt of your order.
  • We use the payment method to reorder future orders and expedite the process.
  • We use the push notifications of your mobile phone to inform the user about the various statuses of your order as well as news of the SendEAT service. The user can turn off push notifications directly on his mobile phone.
  • The reviews collected aim to classify the partners in order to show the partners based on their classification and the continuous improvement of the service provided by SendEAT.

Disclosure of Information

The information collected from users is disseminated for the following purposes:
  • SendEAT Product Partners: In order for SendEAT to provide its service, the content of your order is transmitted to the SendEAT partners autonomously through our APIs and / or by telephone. The sending of this information is processed safely and without specific connection to the user. When the order is lifted from the partner the information is deleted from the partner's device.
  • SendEAT delivery partners: In order to deliver the order to the user, SendEAT sends the following information to its delivery partners:
    • Delivery Address and/or GPS location of the user
    • User mobile phone
    • Contents of the order
    When the order is delivered to the user, the data is deleted from the delivery partner.
  • In the context of marketing actions SendEAT may establish partnerships with third parties where there may be disclosure of user data such as name and e-mail. These identities are responsible for their own privacy practices. Whenever these actions take place the user can authorize or not his participation.
  • Data protection and third parties: in the scope of compliance with any law or governmental request SendEAT may disclose the collected data whenever legally required. Except for the previous point SendEAT does not at any time divulge the data collected to third parties.
  • Business Transmission: in the event of a merger, sale or transfer of assets, SendEAT will transfer the information collected if the receiving entity guarantees the SendEAT Privacy Policy Statement.
In the SendEAT service, you have the option to share promotional codes using the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram. These platforms are managed by their respective entities and are subject to specific privacy terms, conditions and policies that you should consult directly on the platforms you choose to use.

In order to personalize the service SendEAT may proceed to the automatic processing of the information collected, the user may refuse automatic data processing by contacting SendEAT

User Access and Control

In the scope of the transparency of the storage and management of the personal data of the user, SendEAT provides a Client Area where the user can carry out the following operations:
  • Change name
  • Change E-mail
  • Change phone
  • Turn on/off promotional information by email address
  • Turn on / off promotional information by sms
Access to the Customer Area is done through the email address and a password defined by the user, it is important to mention the following points:
  • In order to simplify access to the Client Area, the user has the choice of storing the access data on the device that he or she is using. If the access device is shared by a third party, you should not use this feature.
  • Whenever the user accesses the Client Area in a public device it should be noted that it is necessary to log out at the end of the process, on the risk of their information becoming available to the next user.
  • In order to ensure greater security in the Client Area, the user must use a unique password with a high level of complexity. SendEAT recommends a password with at least eight characters consisting of numbers, letters (uppercase and lowercase) and symbols.
In order to ensure the smooth operation of the SendEAT service, we carry out the following validations:
  • E-mail change (validation by confirmation email)
  • Phone change (validation by sending a code by sms)

User Rights

The access, editing, limitation in the treatment and elimination of the information of the user is guaranteed through the Customer Area or contacting directly to SendEAT for the purpose.

The User has the right to make a complaint to a data protection control authority regarding the collection and processing of data by SendEAT. In Portugal the user can exercise their right with the National Data Protection Commission.

Nevertheless, SendEAT reserves the right to refuse requests that are unreasonable or required by law, that is, requests that prove to be operationally impracticable and / or require technically unsuitable operations and requests that seek to expose internal security methodologies.

In order to comply with legal requirements, you can not delete Billing Names and Taxpayer Numbers that have already been used in a billing.

Conservation and Security

All data collected is managed following best security practices in order to safeguard all information from improper access and / or loss. All information transmitted to SendEAT is made over SSL / TLS in order to encrypt the communicated data. Unfortunately there are no measures that can guarantee 100% security, as such SendEAT can not guarantee the security of the information, the user should be aware of the inherent risks.

The data collected is maintained according to the duration of the service agreement. At any time you can cancel your account, at this moment all collected data will be erased from the SendEAT databases.

Minors of Age

The use of the SendEAT platform is prohibited to children under 16 years of age. The order of alcoholic beverages is prohibited to minors of 18 years. SendEAT delivery partners will be able to request identification from the user whenever it is necessary to confirm the age for the delivery of an order.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This document may be updated in response to legal requirements and / or changes to the operation of SendEAT. The use of the SendEAT service constitutes acceptance of the Privacy Policy, if you do not accept these conditions, you can cancel your account at any time. The reference date for this document can be checked in the "last updated" section.