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About Us?

SendEAT is a new concept of food delivery. Web delivery de best food in town to your home or office.
Our technological platform allows the restaurants without delivery service to provide this service without any structure investment and without changes in the back office of their daily work life.

How it Works?

Order using our web site.

Insert your address
Choose the restaurant
Choose your dishes, accompaniments and beverages
Choose your preferred payment method and confirm your order
Follow your order in real time
Receive your order and enjoy!
  • 1
    Insert your address
  • 2
    Choose the restaurant
  • 3
    Choose your dishes, accompaniments and beverages
  • 4
    Choose your preferred payment method and confirm your order
  • 5
    Follow your order in real time
  • 6
    Receive your order and enjoy!

What type of restaurants can I find?

You can find your premium restaurants near you. We have partners that goes from the local brewery up to restaurants with the most famous national chefs, being the quality transversal to both.

What are the opening hours?

Every day from 12:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

How much does the service costs?

The service has the cost of the meals or products ordered, plus a variable delivery rate. The delivery rate varies depending on platform demand and weather conditions. You can check the delivery rates associated with your order in your cart.

How is delivered my order?

As soon your order is validated, the courier moves to the restaurant to pick up your order and then to deliver it to you. The food is carefully packed in order to get to you in perfect conditions. All this process can be followed in real time.

How can I pay my order?

We accept ATM in the moment of delivery, ATM reference and credit card. Thinking in ours senders security and in the transparency for our customers, we don’t accept payments in cash.

Exists a minimum order?

Yes, the minimum order varies between 10 and 15 euros

Are the prices equal both in the site and in the restaurants?

Our goal is to offer the same price in the site as in the restaurant plus our delivery fee of 2,95€. Although it may have some exceptions and the price can change.

Can I choose the delivery hour?

Yes, when you are placing your order you can choose if you want it to be immediately delivery or if you want it to be delivered in an specific hour.

And if something goes wrong with my order?

We have a team dedicated to customer service, available by phone and on chat on-line, to help you with any problem and/or question that you may have. The return of articles must be accompanied by the invoice and the articles that you intend to return in the original and undamaged packaging in a maximum period of 14 days from the delivery date.

And if I have any allergies?

All of our dishes have a description where you can check the ingredients. However, you may make a note in our observations box if you desire to remove any ingredient.

Where is SendEAT available?

For now, we delivery in Porto.

Can I pick up my order directly from the restaurant?

No, for the moment we don’t have that service available.

What is MB WAY?

MB WAY is a MULTIBANCO app that allows, among other features, to make secure payment of online purchases only with your mobile phone number.

What are the advantages of using MB WAY on SendEAT?

By using the MB WAY app on SendEAT you will be able to quickly confirm your requests in a practical, safe and immediate way. You do not need to use your credit card or use the Sender's ATM terminal, you do everything in the app.

Is it safe to use MB WAY?

MB WAY is an ATM service that offers the same security guarantees you have when using a physical ATM terminal.

The service uses security protocols and algorithms to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and authentication of transmitted, processed and stored data following the latest and most demanding European security standards. All MB WAY communications and transactions are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by a team dedicated to fraud prevention and detection.

Does MB WAY have costs?

The MB WAY app is free and available on the App Store and Play Store.

I do not have MB WAY, how can I join?

To join you have to follow two steps:

Step 1 - Select the "MB WAY" option on ATM, enter your mobile number and set a six-digit MB WAY PIN.

Attention! You should always ensure that you enter your own mobile phone number and the MB WAY PIN must be set by you. The pin is personal and not transferable.

Step 2 - Download the app, select the "Enter" option and enter the mobile phone number and the MB WAY PIN set in ATM.

You will receive a sms with activation code to insert into the app and the service is ready to use.

The membership data and registration in the MB WAY for the user will always be your mobile phone number and the MB WAY PIN. Any doubts see this video:

How do I pay for an order with MB WAY?

Just choose the method of payment MB WAY on the website or app, then enter the mobile number that has associated with your MB WAY app, then you will receive a notification on your mobile phone to confirm the payment and you are, your order already confirmed! Still have questions? Watch this video:

What are EATs?

EATs are points that you earn whenever you place an order on SendEAT. You can exchange these points for offers.

What are the offers?

You can exchange your EATs for delivery rates, 5€ and 10€ vouchers, and new experiences that will be available on your site and app.

How do I exchange my EATs?

You can directly exchange your EATs on the app or website, the offer is immediately available!

What is the validity of the EATs?

The accumulated points are valid for 6 months. You can check all the details in your EATs statement

How are product deliveries done?

The delivery of products is carried out by a team formed for this purpose.

What happens when an ordered product is out of stock?

Thinking of your convenience we have created a system of product substitutions in case of stock breaches.

When you complete an order you can choose whether or not to authorize the replacement of a certain product. By allowing the replacement of a product to SendEAT will suggest a similar product for the replacement.

If you do not authorize the exchange of products and a certain product is out of stock you will only be charged for the products you received.

Can I use the Continente card?

You can not use the Continent card at this time.

Is there a limit of products in an order?

The equipment used to transport your order allows orders up to 25 kg, always being dependent on the number and volume of the articles. If there is any problem with the transport of your order you will be contacted by SendEAT.

Can I order from a restaurant and from Continente in the same order?

No. You will need to create two separate orders.

How can I order fresh or Kg products?

Fresh or Kg products are ordered with reference to the units ordered. When weighing the products ordered the final weight will be updated to your order. As there may be differences between the estimated weight and the actual weight, there may be a price variation of around 15%.

When do I receive my invoice?

After your order is delivery you will receive the invoice automatically in your email.

How long does it take to deliver?

The delivery time for your order varies depending on your location and order time. When placing the order you will have an estimate of the expected delivery time. Deliveries take between 35 to 45 minutes.

How can I pay for my order?

Orders can be paid against delivery by Multibanco or in prepayment by Credit Card. If the value of your order is changed due to a break or replacement of the product will only be charged for the final value of the order. For security reasons we do not accept cash payments.

How far SendEAT deliver?

The SendEAT delivery area is dynamic, to see if it is covered by the Continente delivery service, enter your address on the SendEAT home page.

Are the prices the same as the Continente store?

Yes, prices are the same as they are practiced in the Continente physical stores.

Can I cancel or return products?

Pode cancelar uma encomenda antes que a mesma esteja confirmada, este cancelamento é efetuado na sua área de clientes. Para cancelar uma encomenda já confirmada e/ou devolver produtos contacte a nossaYou can cancel an order before it is confirmed, this cancellation is done in your customer area. To cancel an order already confirmed and / or return products contact our Support Team.

Is the entire Continente store available?

We select a careful range of products to serve the most common needs. You can not place orders through the field of observations. Any product requests from the comments field will be ignored.